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al jabr - 'One Million and Three'

'One Million and Three' by al jabr - Alphaphone, 1998.
Image and Artwork Phil Wolstenholme.

Fred de Fred/Phil Wolstenholme - 'Imagine'

'Imagine' - Fred de Fred/Phil Wolstenholme - Voila Records, 2006.
Images and artwork Phil Wolstenholme.

'The Lovers' - Voila Records, 2006.
Released by The Lovers.

The Lovers -  'The Lovers'

'The Lovers' - Institute, 2007.
Released by Gut Recordings.

Cabaret Voltaire - 'Archive #828285 Live'

Cabaret Voltaire - 'Archive #828285 Live'
3xCD box-set
Released by Intone Communications Ltd. 2013

Cabaret Voltaire - '#8385 Collected Works'

Cabaret Voltaire - '#8385 Collected Works' Limited edition 4xvinyl/8xCD box-set
Released by Mute 2013

Cabaret Voltaire - '#7885 Electropunk to Technopop' vinyl/CD compilation

Released by Mute 2014

Richard H Kirk - 'The Many Dimensions of Richard H Kirk' 3xCD Box-set
Released by DieStadt/Intone 2014

Richard H Kirk - #7489
8 gatefold CDs and 28-page colour booklet.
Released by Mute 2016

Sandoz - #9294
5 gatefold CDs and 28-page colour booklet.
Released by Mute 2016

Richard H Kirk - Dasein
Gatefold vinyl, CD and download.
Released by Intone 2017

Cabaret Voltaire - 1974-76
Gatefold, 2x orange vinyl

Released by Mute 2019

Cabaret Voltaire - Chance Versus Causality
Gatefold, green vinyl, CD

Released by Mute 2019

Cabaret Voltaire - Methodology
Seven-album box-set in clear vinyl

Released by Mute 2019

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