Welcome to my website. Here you can find examples of my artwork, both commercial and personal, and information about my career to date. I've been a photographer since 1983, and have been designing artwork for album covers and other music-related material since 1989. I also produce layouts and design and can provide proof-reading services.

I can be contacted directly by email at info_at_pwhole.com

NEWS - January 2023: The British Cave Research Association occasionally produces guide books, and they recently asked me to do proof-editing and layout services on their latest publication Exploring the Karst and Caves of the Gower Peninsula, edited by John S Cooper, who also did most of the photography. The book is available to purchase online.

NEWS - December 2022: Warp Records' Artificial Intelligence, released in 1992, was a ground-breaking album, both for its musical content/direction of travel, and its computer-generated sleeve image, created by me on an Amiga 2000 computer - over several weeks, as 3D modelling and rendering software was in its infancy. The image has become somewhat iconic since that time, and I'm pleased to announce that the 30th Anniversary reissue of the album also features t-shirts and signed prints of my cover image. Daniel Dylan Wray interviewed me as part of a large feature on the reissue in The Quietus, December 2022.

NEWS - October 2022: I've been doing the layout of the biannual Peak District Mines Historical Society bulletin Mining History for the last couple of years, and this culminated in a monster 120-page double edition on the Masson Mine system above Matlock in Derbyshire. The mine was operational continuously from the 1450s to the 1950s, mostly for lead ore, but in its final decades for fluorspar. The issue features over 60 photos and a fold-out A3 brand-new digitally-sourced survey, and is a fine document of a historically important mining site.

Cover Copyright © PDMHS 2022.

NEWS - September 2021: It is with great regret that I can confirm that my long-time collaborator and good friend, Richard H Kirk, has recently died. We'd worked closely together since 1990 on album covers, box-sets, CGI and video, on both his solo projects and Cabaret Voltaire, and a quick glance through this archive will show just how many that included. It's a huge loss to British music and a sad moment for all who knew him personally. RIP.

Richard H Kirk

Photo by Phil Barnes.

NEWS - April 2020: Two further new Cabaret Voltaire albums, BN9Drone and Dekadrone released, with artwork by Phil Barnes, and all image processing and layout by me.

NEWS - November 2020: First new Cabaret Voltaire album released since 1994, Shadow of Fear, with artwork by Phil Barnes, and all image processing and layout by me. Shadow of Funk 12" EP also released.

NEWS - December 2019: Major re-release of Cabaret Voltaire's Methodology, as a seven-album clear vinyl box-set, with all image processing and layout by me.

NEWS - October 2019: A major paper, survey and photos (18 pages) on the restoration and exploration of Longcliffe Mine, Castleton, published in the biannual PDMHS bulletin Mining History, Vol. 20, No.5. The five-year project culminated in the discovery of significant extensions and mining artifacts, documented within.

Cover Copyright © PDMHS 2019.


NEWS - August 2019: A new collaborative sound project recorded entirely underground in caves and mines with artist/illustrator Dominika Wróblewska has just been released.

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