Presented here are CG images of interest, both for projects and personal.

See the new image created for the Eve Wood film: The Beat Is The Law.

The Church menu shows a recent visualisation project for a real building using radiosity solutions to preview a redecoration.

The Lovers menu features images of the Frog and Snail 3D characters I created for 'The Lovers' album.

HyperMatter menu links to the archived product website, and features the entire set of demo content that I produced for the product.

The image below, Oui Et Non, was originally created for the Imagine exhibition in Provence, France in 2006; was shown in my exhibition Blank Screen Syndrome, and is also available to purchase as a limited-edition canvas, of 100 only worldwide, priced at 400. Please email me for more details.

'Oui et Non'. Copyright 2006 Phil Wolstenholme. All Rights Reserved.

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