I've recently been commissioned to produce a new piece of work for a new film by Eve Wood on Sheffield music, The Beat Is The Law, and as this roughly coincides with my 20th anniversary of digital imaging, I'm pleased to announce the release of a strictly limited edition of 100 signed fine-art prints of the work, available to order now at the film site store, priced at 145.
The print is also on display in the foyer at
The Showroom cinema, Sheffield.

The new piece, shown below (in very low-resolution), reflects on the last 30 years of musical industry in the city, more than subtly influenced by the much more established industries of the last 700 years!

'The Beat Is The Law'. Copyright 2008 Phil Wolstenholme. All Rights Reserved.

Special thanks and honourable mentions go to: Rob Gordon, The Lovers, Eve and Richard Wood at Sheffield Vision, Rupert Wood at The Archipelago Works, and to all the 'Little Mesters' of Sheffield - male and female, past, present and future. A millennium of thanks also goes to the local carboniferous deposits of Millstone Grit, without which, none of this would be possible...

Copyright 2021 Phil Wolstenholme. All Rights Reserved.