Over the last year (2018-19), I've been collaborating with artist/illustrator Dominika Wróblewska on a series of soundworks recorded entirely underground in various caves and mines in the Peak District, and only utilising the natural objects and materials found within them - rocks, mud, lots of water - and of course, the human voice. This perhaps is the defining underground sound for the cave explorer, as it allows a degree of comparison to be made with the overground world - and the differences can be profound, with an infinite variety of acoustic spaces.

So far the project (under the artist name of double-W) has produced six tracks, which have been compiled into a mini-album The Lure of the Hole, which is available to stream and buy on the Bandcamp website - more tracks are planned as time allows.

I've also written a short essay on some ideas on cave sounds stimulated by the project.

Dominika Wróblewska recording drips in The Wallows, Peak Cavern, Castleton.


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