October 2017 - The new Journal from my caving club, the Technical Speleological Group, has just been released. Two years in compilation, TSG 19 was edited and designed by myself, along with me providing over half the content, both written and photographic, including the front cover.

The Journal covers many of the underground projects I've been involved with over the last seven years, with major exploration and survey tasks undertaken in the Peak-Speedwell system. Additionally, the Journal covers foreign expeditions, conservation projects large and small, diving work and some significant cave science. It's 206 pages, in full colour, with six A3 foldouts and costs 25. A superb review by Chris Howes in Descent magazine, Issue 259 (Dec-Jan) stated that: "If you are in the Peak, this is not a journal you might want, it is one you will need...".

TSG 19 was shortlisted and commended for the prestigious 2017 Tratman Award.

For more information and ordering, please visit the TSG website

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