Below are selected examples of panoramic photographs from a series in progress, entitled Wide Area Network. They are compiled from multiple digital images taken with a Pentax K20D, and then processed and stitched using PTAssembler by Max Lyons, which uses the Panorama Tools utilities suite created by Helmut Dersch.

Most of the images below are included in my Fine Art photography book Networks. The images are scaled down drastically for display, but the actual sizes are given underneath, both in pixels and 300 dpi print size.
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Whiteley Woods, Sheffield Bole Hill Quarry, Upper Padley Wyming Brook, Sheffield
Wyming Brook, Sheffield Wyming Brook, Sheffield Wyming Brook, Sheffield
Whiteley Woods, Sheffield Whiteley Woods, Sheffield Wyming Brook, Sheffield
Blacka Moor, Sheffield Greno Wood, Sheffield Blacka Moor, Sheffield



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