I was recently lucky enough to use a Spheron HDR panoramic camera for a commercial shoot, and some examples are shown below. The Spheron captures a full 360 digital photograph with an exposure range of 26 stops, and whilst presenting a whole new range of technical and creative issues to deal with, is nevertheless a wonderful piece of equipment, which I hope to play with again soon! The panoramic HDR images are used as real-world lighting solutions for 3D rendering software, and give unparalleled realism.

Many thanks go to Lightwork Design for permission to show the photos here, and special thanks also go to everyone who helped me capture these images - you know who you are.

NEWS: I'm leading a Spheron HDR camera workshop at The Workstation, Sheffield on 11th November 2009 as part of Digital Week. The workshop runs from 10am-4pm, and will be presented in conjunction with SpheronVR, demonstrating all the capabilities of this amazing piece of kit, for 3D rendering, scene analysis and forensics.

Bingham Park Office Boardroom Multi-storey car park
Multi-storey car park Attic Stairs Higger Tor, Sheffield
Meersbrook Park Odin Mine, Castleton Office Reception
Tinsley Cooling Towers Car Park Wyming Brook, Sheffield



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